5 Quick Ways to Create Easter Product Photographs for your business! 

5 Quick Ways to Create Easter Product Photographs. Imagine this moment. You have created a great product for a client.  You just know that it is going to be a sure fire hit for your customer! Their reaction was priceless and now you want to share it with your audience as they will love it too!

The only problem is, you need to photograph the product to get it ready to share out to social media!

It can be difficult to get it all done in the time that you have juggling your business and quite possibly the stresses of home schooling and home life. But having good photography of current products is IMPERATIVE to your business growth.

Having seasonal imagery is so important to have to make it relevant to the time of year we are in, as well as to stand out from the crowd.

Here are our 5 Quick Ways to Create Easter Product Photographs and for any promotional holiday:

Plan what style you want to create your seasonal imagery. Classic, traditional, funky or childlike are all related to your business brand name. Think about what you want to perceive and that will get you started.

Here are a few examples; for Valentine’s Day would you be looking for hearts and flowers and teddy bears?Or would classic rose petals or a single red ribbon curved around the product?

For Easter the same question, would you like to see Easter bunnies, or happy with daffodils?

What about Mother’s Day / school holidays / Father’s Day?  Have a think about what dates are important to your business and the audience that follows you.

Consider when you need to start photographing and when to get the posts ready for launch and selling for that season.

Choose the environment to photograph in wisely. Photograph the product where it is going to be in the clients home so it makes sense to where you would find that product. Greetings cards usually on mantle pieces or tables, jewellery in a bed or dressing room, flowers in vases in any room in the house.

What props can you bring to the table? As I mentioned above, your product on it’s own will be beautiful, but your product with a couple of simple props to set the scene with great natural light and a clear background? You are now onto a winner!

What graphic marketing are you going to create? Canva is a super tool to create eye catching graphics that you can intersperse with your imagery.

By following the advice above, you will have a whole range of photographs for the season as well as a variety of graphics. The perfect combination for elevating your business to the next level!

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