Planning your photo shoot can be a daunting experience if it is your first, or fifth! Once you have the location, outfits and purpose of the shoot planned; what can you bring to the photo shoot? We’ve had a think and brought you 5 ways to Create perfect props for your personal brand photo shoot.

We spend a lot of time discussing with our clients the props that they can bring with them to add context, personality and purpose to their session.

It gives your photo shoot a narrative that may not be obvious, but builds the story through what you are doing and will connect with your audience in a visual way.

We’ve had jewellery makers bring their tools and hammers, VA’s bring headsets as if they are talking with a client, florists bring all the flowers, ribbon and scissors, cake makers have coloured frosting in pots that suit their brand palette and a whole heap of other ideas.

Here are our 5 steps to creating perfect props for your personal brand photo shoot.

  • Consider your brand. 
  • Depending what your companies style is, from shabby chic to ultra modern; there will be props that you can utilise. Shop in the stores that reflect your brand, so Sea Salt and Joules would be idea for shabby chic, where as Mint Velvet would be ideal for modern and fresh looks. Depending on your type of business really depends on the type of look you are aiming to achieve. I would always suggest the “business fundamental kit” of laptop, diary, journals, branded pens in your colour or logos, and any branded material such as books you have penned or business cards.
  • Colour palette.
  • This is always an interesting one to consider for your location look and feel with colours, then your outfit for the colours that suit you then to add the branded props that they are in their suitable colour palette. If your brand colour is teal and you suit that colour, then wearing a scarf or top under a suit jacket or apron, may be the way to go. Alternatively, a teal cushion, handbag, scarf or notepad would also influence the feel of the shoot. When the colour flows through your website, brand and imagery; it makes for a real cohesive look.
  • What’s the purpose of the prop? 
  • If it’s not something that you would use in your business and you don’t love it, then don’t bring it. If you don’t want to bring your stapler and sellotape holder, even if it is a pretty one, then don’t bring it if it isn’t purposeful. However, if you make a product that is crafted and sent directly to a client, then postage and packaging items are ideal.
  • Is it all work or is it a bit of play as well?! 
  • Don’t forget to include your personality when it comes to your brand photo shoot. Is it appropriate to bring a G&T to your session? Sure – bring it along! But make sure you bring a chopping board, a sharp knife, lemon, gin, tonic, a glass and perhaps a straw if you have lipstick on! By introducing this, it shows a glimpse into your play time and by making it shows a process rather than one and done shot of you drinking! Of course, this is only appropriate for some and not others, but is something to consider.
  • People. 
  • Are people props? Possibly! If you are a coach, therapist or work with people in a team, then why not use them to interact with. Have a meeting together, hold a training session, give them something to fill in or write down to make it look authentic as otherwise you will just stare at each other and giggle! Perhaps even your clients, could you offer a free mini session of what you provide in exchange of using their likeness in marketing? Worth a shot as again it will help your future clients envisage working with you.

If you have any questions when it comes to a personal brand photo shoot, then send me an email at –