5 Ways to Professional Product Flatlays. When it comes to your business flatlay, there are 5 main areas you need to address each and every time!

I’m going to walk you through how we design our flatlays and how you can create beautiful imagery time and time again.

What is the reason for your photo shoot flatlay? 

They are amazing when they are done right, but done wrong? They really look it. So we need to have a reason and purpose for our flatlay. Perhaps you are launching a 24 hour sale, or free shipping this week, or perhaps it’s a bigger event such as Easter or Half Term. There are elements that we can include to convey the purpose and message of the image. Read on to find out more!

Your product. 

Imagine this. 

You are a delicious brownie maker. They aren’t just brownies, these are rocky road brownies. 

Your brand is blue and white, so you have a blue plate with a brownie laid on top of the plate. Next to the royal blue plate is a gingham blue and white napkin. It’s folded in half into a triangle and a silver cake knife is on top of the napkin. Do you see how this is all about story telling?! I bet you are now wanting to brownies! 

This is primarily just for the brownie as the product, the plate and napkin are there as supporting props. Let’s look at the next section for more prop ideas. 

If you are a service provider then it can be a little more tricky, but not impossible. What’s your message that you are conveying in the image? If you are basing the flatlay around an event, or service, then consider what needs to be in the shot – a ticket, hands, laptop or phone to get the point across that they view expects communications.


Once you have your purpose or products, decide on your props. They need to be relevant and picture perfect! In the planning of the brownie shot above, you have your plate and napkin scene. Is that enough of the story or are we missing a chapter? What about the ingredients, are they natural, locally sourced, organic? How do you convey that? Are they hand made or batch made? Are they hand cut or through a machine? There’s so much you can show in these arrangements.

The location

Think light and windows. Where you are photographing is hugely important to be next to a window and natural light to flood your image. Use a reflector to bounce light back into the shadows to tone them down and add balanced light throughout the scene.

The background

Our final piece of the puzzle, and part of the personality. Are you looking for gritty and urban or soft and airy? Use what you may have around the house, or find wallpaper that may fit, or finally purchase food photography backgrounds.

I hope that helps you setup your at home flatlays and we would love to see them! Join our free photography community group for small business owners – Perfect Product Photos – https://www.facebook.com/groups/PerfectProductPhotos/

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