5 Ways to Use Our Photography Backgrounds

With the launch of our next line of photography backgrounds for small business owners; we wanted to share our 5 top ways to use your photography backgrounds!

1) Photography base 

When taking your product photographs, use one on a table as a photography base. Place the product on the photography background and see if you can find a lifestyle image in the distance to compliment the base.

2) Photography backgrounds

The next way to use your photography backgrounds is to use it standing up behind your product as a photography background. Use a pretty table, or floor for the base and set the scene with the photography background. It helps remove unwanted distractions when used behind the background.

Photography background

3) Product Photography Flat-lays

Some of our favourite shots that we have seen from photography background clients is a great flatlay! Use the background on an even, clean surface and position your product laying down on the background. Be mindful of shadows being cast onto the scene! 

product photography flat lay

4) Printed Zoom background 

Now this is a bit unorthodox and not the original intent, but of my goodness they are perfect for it! How about using the photography background as a Zoom background?! They typically have a space in the middle of the print and the design is on the outside, so it works perfectly for it. And as the backgrounds come in sets of 3 AND are double sided; you have variety! Simply use a trouser hanger to clip and hang behind you!

printed zoom background

5) Photography for service based businesses. 

Now, one of our most popular questions is asking if the photography backgrounds are just for product businesses? Nope! They are perfect for service businesses too in order to take filler content for your social media. It helps as a useful background for taking those lifestyle images of you writing in your planner, sketching out ideas for a client, those classic laptop and coffee shots! Even if you need to just take a quick photo for stories, then having the background finishes the image beautifully.

5 Ways to Use Our Photography Backgrounds