We are slowly creeping into tripod season now that those nights are really drawing in, perfect for practicing your long exposures, firework photography, and experimenting with shutter speeds!

There are so many tripods on the market that it can be overwhelming, just like purchasing a new camera! We have had lots of requests recently for recommendations on the best tripods for beginners. It really comes down to budget and usage.

Here are 3 budget categories: under £50, mid-range £50 to £100, and over £100. While some tripods can fetch hundreds of pounds, you don’t need to look at that range just yet. I’ve listed my favorites in this blog and hope you find it useful.

Let us know which tripod you choose in the end and I hope the Best Tripods to Buy for Beginners helps you out!

Under £50

Joby GorillaPod Original Tripod
Perfect for popping in your camera bag for quick happy snaps. It’s one of the better compact tripods for SLRs, with flexible legs that provide great stability when out on location. You can wrap the tripod around a tree or bench for support.

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod with Handgrip for Compact System Cameras
Another handy little compact tripod, great for carrying in a handbag. While it doesn’t offer the wrapping flexibility of the GorillaPod, it’s ideal for group selfies on your phone or compact camera. It can hold the weight of an SLR, but something sturdier is recommended. This makes an ideal Christmas present for camera lovers!

AmazonBasics 127cm (50″) Lightweight Tripod with Bag
One of the cheaper full-size tripods on the market from Amazon. It’s called AmazonBasics for a reason—handy, but I wouldn’t trust it outside alone with your camera on it in windy conditions. The base plate can be a bit fiddly to attach to the camera, but with practice, you’ll get the hang of it. It’s a good piece of equipment for the cost, but I’d advise spending a little extra for something sturdier.

Mid-Range (£50 – £100)

Neewer Portable 70 inches/177 centimeters Aluminium Alloy Camera Tripod Monopod with 3-Way Swivel Pan Head, Bag for DSLR Camera, DV Video Camcorder, Load up to 8.8 pounds/4 kilograms (Red)
I really like this tripod from Neewer. While not a big name in the photography realm, this tripod is excellent for the money. It comes in three colors: red, blue, and silver. The red is great for visibility if you plan on using your tripod often in darker situations, which is handy for health and safety.

It features a really useful baseplate that swivels three ways with easy buttons to control the direction of the tripod head. The most useful feature is that it converts from a three-legged tripod to a one-legged monopod in seconds, handy if you prefer regular support from your tripod.

Manfrotto Compact Action Aluminium Tripod with Hybrid Head – Black
One of my favorite mid-range tripods for amateur photographers. Manfrotto is always my manufacturer of choice purely for their build and reliability. We use this tripod’s big brother and have never had a problem in all the years we’ve had it.

This model is really sturdy, and the real selling feature is the head attachment. Known commonly as a joystick head, you don’t have to worry about multiple dials to change the tripod’s position. It’s straightforward: simply connect your base plate to the camera, secure it, and use the joystick to maneuver. Really easy!

Over £100

Neewer Camera Tripod Monopod with Rotatable Center Column for Panoramic Shooting – Aluminum Alloy 75 inches/191 centimeters, 360 Degree Ball Head for DSLR Camera Video Camcorder up to 26.5 pounds
One of the more expensive tripods for amateurs, this Neewer tripod is impressive. I really like the rotating center column and the ability to have the arm at a 90-degree angle. This is perfect for aerial photography and saving your back—ideal for photographing flower beds and low-angle work. It’s also great for flat lay photography for still life lovers, thanks to the angular head. A really great investment that will last you for years.

I hope this Best Tripods to Buy for Beginners guide helps you choose the best tripod for your needs. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out!

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