Everything you need to create festive product photographs at home

It may sound funny that you are trying to photograph your product in a Christmas theme when your product isn’t remotely festive; but it is imperative to have a nod to the season when posting on socials.


Set’s you apart from the dozens of other companies selling the same thing!

But before we get the gold tinsel and baubles out, we have put our guide to everything you need to create festive product photographs this year.

Start with the look.

What theme, style and look are you going for? Christmas hot chocolate, tartan blankets and cosy slippers? Or simple silvers and blue snowflakes for a more grown up audience? No matter what style you are going for, starting with the overall brand look and feel is key for consistent photographs as you want to ensure that your seasonal images are related to your non-seasonal imagery.

Layer a scene sandwich!

Always think of sandwiches when you are building a scene. What’s the bottom layer, middle and top? Chances are, the bottom is your background, the middle layer is your prop and the top layer is your product as they key highlighted player! By splitting it into sections, it makes it feel less overwhelming and you can concentrate on each element. In this instance below, the cake is key. The flowers fill that mid section and the fairy lights and wall are the back part.

Make life easy – buy a background.

You could be photographing in the middle of the apocalypse and you would never know as long as you have a photography background on a flat surface! Our range of photography backgrounds are themed and designed around the seasons from Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. In A2 or A1 size, they come with the props and textures already printed onto the scene all with space in the middle to place your product. They are so convenient, time-saving, effective and look so good combined with your product! They take the hassle out of photography and give you the time back.

Buy props, but don’t go crazy!

Sticking to your brand look and feel again is key here; if you are a luxury skin care provider, then gaudy Christmas trees and out there wrapping paper most likely isn’t the best idea. Stick with thick ribbons, fresh branches of fern, poinsettias and beautifully made Christmas decorations in your brand colours. Perhaps you are a children’s company, then you absolutely have permission to go crazy on the props and colours!

Let there be light.

This is the one season where you can add all the twinkly fairy lights till your heart is content! Adding lights to your scene adds an entirely different dimension and glimmer of light, especially when they are used in the background of your scene. When it comes to light to illuminate your product, you cannot go wrong with natural light. The problem with using natural light in the winter is that we only have a limited window of opportunity from 9am – 3pm on average, so need to be organised when it comes to our shoot times.

Would love to hear what your plans are for photographing your festive product photographs and tell me when you are planning your photo shoots.

Have a great week,


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