How do you stand out in a crowded market?

One word answer for you – photography.

There are no original ideas. Everything we all do is a spin on something that has already been created or done before, but that being said, we are the ones that bring our unique style or way of doing business to the forefront.

A few years ago, everyone was a cupcake maker, then multi level marketing companies were springing up everywhere for beauty products and then it was personalised products with vinyl.

These are all perfectly good businesses to be in, but what makes it different to the person making personalised bottles to the other 4 in town? Or to the other 400 on a selling site like Etsy?

Photography really is the answer. All you need to do is search for your product on Etsy and see who is selling the most.

What is different about their listing? If they are advertising with Etsy, then that might be it; but chances are, if you are putting money and effort into paid listings, then your photographs will need to be good.

Really look for why their photographs are better. Brighter? In focus? Styled? Perhaps a professional took them?

Write down 3 things that you can see that are different in their photographs and compare to yours. The next time you have to photograph your products, rememberer to go back to that list and see how you can improve those areas.

The top 5 things we see time and time again when it comes to Etsy listing photography are these doozies:

  • Taken photographs at night next to a lamp. Yes I fully understand that your side hustle is in the evenings and weekends, but we really need to be using natural light during the day. If you work a 9-5, then perhaps take your phone with you (presume you already have it!) and your product to photograph on your lunch break.
  • Too much space around your product. If I am buying your eco-friendly candles, then I would like to see it and the packaging instead of your kitchen table.
  • Filters. Please whatever you do, don’t add filters! A filter might be in fashion now, but in 6 months time, it might be removed from your editing app. The problem with filters is they always look over edited and don’t show the best colours of your product. Sure – edit them with a little brightness or contrast, but that’s about it.
  • Lighting. So important, it’s worth mentioning twice. Natural light is our favourite thing ever as a photographer. Be near to a window or open shade for the best type of natural lighting.
  • Props and backgrounds. Make sure you cannot see your dinner plate, or old coffee mug in the background. If you are finding it difficult to have a clear and bright space, then perhaps look at photography backgrounds. Lovely poster sized backgrounds that come in a variety of colours and designs that already have their props built into the image. It really elevates your photograph. You can see our range of photography backgrounds here

I hope that helps with a few ideas on how to stand out in a crowded market for your products and get your product photographs looking extra gorgeous ready to sell on Etsy.

Would love to hear how you did, send a message here, or email