If your photography business is all about product photography, then flat lays must definitely be a part of your photography model. Flat lay photography is similar to still life photography – the only difference being that the objects are arranged in a visually appealing way on a flat surface and photographed from above. This is done to ensure that the focus remains on the product by making it look attractive by the way that it is placed and photographed. And for that, the backdrops that you use are extremely important, which is what we are going to focus on in this blog.

5 Tips For Using Photography Backgrounds For Flat Lay Product Photography

1. Get The Right Backgrounds 

The number one tip to remember while taking product flat lays is that you want the right backdrops. The ideal backdrops will help enhance the aesthetic of your image and make it more visually appealing while not distracting the viewer from the central part of your image: The product. From season and holiday-themed photography backgrounds to neutral colours – we have a wide variety of backgrounds that suit every season, colour palette, business, and your own personal brand. You can check them out here.

2. Store Them Nice and Flat

While flat lay backgrounds are easy to store at home or in your studio, remember to find a storage space where the backgrounds can be laid as flat as possible. Even if your background is made of the highest quality material, store them where they can take up space without any disturbance from other objects. Avoid rolling them for storage purposes as that can cause them to crease, which will show up in the flay lay photographs you take. 

3. Find The Right Spot

When it’s time for the product photo shoot, start with finding the right spot to place the photography background. You could have the best background, but it won’t do you any good if you pick a spot that’s not well-lit or have enough space to show off your entire background. When getting ready for your product photo shoot, clear a space on the floor or on a table, making sure you are near a source of light. You could use a window or studio lights – that’s totally up to you.

4. Get The Best Light

Good lighting is non-negotiable when it comes to photography. Similarly, even if you have picked the best photography background for your product, it will not be as impactful if the lighting isn’t right. If you get plenty of light in the spot you are taking the photos, shooting next to a window would be ideal. If there’s no natural light, you could consider using flash or off-camera lighting. Either way – don’t block the light for best results.

5. Experiment 

Once you’ve got everything set up and taken all the classic product flat lay shots, consider exploring different angles and playing with composition to take images that stand out. If you are using one of our backgrounds, use the many spaces and objects that are built into the design and place your products around that to help create interesting images.  

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