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Photography is imperative when it comes to your small business. Why?

It’s the one thing that set’s you apart from your competitors and will lead to generating sales.

Trust us; we’ve seen it happen time and time again. 


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Client Reviews

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DSLR Photography for Beginners


Steph is both passionate and knowledgeable about photography and I feel much more confident about using my camera in manual and semi-automatic modes now. A really great and informative workshop delivered in a friendly and fun way…


Smartphone for Businesses

Wow what a fantastic day meeting Stephanie and other business women all coming together to learn how to use there smartphone to take those all Important photos to promote your business.
It was an amazing day and I learnt so much not just about photography but branding and also being consistent with your content.
Would highly recommend this to anyone who is starting a business or just needs a refresh.
Great day out thank you so much Stephanie.
– Debbie from Woodland Scents

Smartphone for Businesses


A few weeks ok we went on Steph’s Smartphone photography course which was absolutely fab. From learning about the different angles and light that our photos look best in to flat lays and props – great course – fabulous teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience



Smartphone for Businesses

My husband and I run a unique, luxury & exclusive restaurant dining experience. We wanted some images to help tell our story.
And WOW! Steph managed to capture every element of our service and the story flows so much better now. The quality of the images now reflect our brand to the T!
Steph did an exceptional job on our branding photoshoot. And we would highly recommend her. She is definitely worth every penny!
My husband then went on to do Summers Photography phone course, one week later which has absolutely transformed the way we too take pictures. The tips on lighting, composure and general photography hacks have really helped keep the consistency of our new brand representation. Feel free to visit our Instagram page to see the transformation over time. DaChisRestaurant2u
Thanks again Steph, without your help we woudl still be taking mediocre pictures.
– Chido at Dachi’s Restaurant to You

The Photography Academy

for Small Business Owners

Range of photography courses in-person in Berkshire or self-paced online.

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