May Photography Club saw the most dreadful weather; it was as if it was the middle of winter!

My plans for the lesson that evening were seriously disrupted, but managed to adapt a future lesson plan and created some beautiful imagery with the delegates.

The first project was to photograph the stained glass window. It is a huge piece in Easthampstead Park where we host all of our photography courses. It is particularly difficult to photograph for beginners as we are dealing with the subject being backlit; artificial lighting hitting the front of the colours and trying to choose what to photograph – tricky!

Here are a few examples of what I shot; the delegates ones are just brilliant too.

– Couldn’t decide which composition I preferred for both sets of images:


Love the detail of the flowers in these shots:


Such great clarity in these photographs of the text and colours:


Photography delegates hard at work:


Couldn’t make my mind up if I preferred colour or black and white of this shot:


Then we visited outside as it actually stopped raining for 5 minutes and created a puddle project. Something I used to do with the kids in A Level classes at college when I worked there; but I thought why not for the adults as it is a brilliant activity to be mindful and look for photographs that you just wouldn’t see normally.

The difference in white balance in the two below images. Top one straight out of camera, second one auto white balance. Comment on the blog post to let me know which you prefer.


And to finish; stained glass windows just don’t work from the outside!! But I do like the tree reflections.


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