Photography is a mindset.

Telling yourself I can’t do this, I’m not creative, I’m rubbish at photography etc etc is feeding the voices in your head that your’e not good enough, but truth is, you are perfectly able and capable of doing an amazing job!

Picking up the camera to take a quick snap is easy peasy when you have a smartphone that you have with you all the time.

But planning, crafting and creating consistent photographs for your brand is another point entirely.

I have been in the photography industry for decades and it takes years of development to get to that point where you are happy with your style and even now, I still go on courses to better myself.

But what happens as a business owner that makes candles / bouquets / craft kits for kids / cakes / mugs / bath bombs / insert your business here!; you’re not a photographer. How do you create product photography for businesses who aren’t photographers?

You specialise in the area that you do; you’re in business in that area! If you were proficient at photography, then you wouldn’t be doing the business that you currently have! But your company needs you to be able to take good photos. That’s a skill you can learn and won’t take tonnes of time. The results will be incredible to your product photographs.

Follow these 5 steps to product photography for business owners and tag @SummersPhotographyUK in any of your posts – would love to see them!

1) Find the light. 

Walk around your house and find the light streaming through the windows and doors. Set up your mini photography studio there and use that delicious natural light.

2) Use a background. 

The quickest way to instantly improve your product photographs is to improve the background. Our backgrounds are styled in different ways, are very clever as it makes it look real life, you can see them here –

3) Use complimentary props. 

Candle maker? Possibly a few matches next to the candle, or the essence you used to make the scent. Rose scented wax melt? Buy yourself a few roses and use the petals. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just connected.

4) Change composition. 

Get creative, move things around, theres no major right way or wrong way, just look for different ways to create different angles.

5) Edit. 

Don’t slap funny filters over your images, they will date very quickly and cheapen your brand. Editing slightly though is fine, tap the AUTO button on your phone edit system and see what it does, or brighten, vibrant, contrast is a good system to follow.

You are doing brilliantly business friend; give yourself space and know that you can create your product photos at home, you just needed a little lesson.

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Product Photography for Businesses who Aren't Photographers - food set up