Hi customer, thanks for making a purchase and supporting small businesses! We love photography in our business and would love to see you using your product; you can do that by Photographing Your Purchase!

Here are 3 tiny tips from our friends at Summers Photography on how to take a brilliant photo of your new purchase, photographing your purchase and tagging us online helps us do a little happy dance! We appreciate and thank you!

Customer Photography Top Tips Tutorial!

3 ways to transform your photographs and support your independent small businesses.

Photograph your recent purchase with consideration to these 3 easy steps:

  • Light
  • Focus
  • Composition

1) Lighting 

Stand next to a window and take the photograph there rather in the middle of a room. If it’s a nice day, pop outside!

2) Focus 

Tap the screen where the item is. That makes sure that the item is in focus rather than a random object in the background!

3) Composition 

Be mindful of what is in the background to your photograph; get close up, don’t have anything distracting and keep the washing out of the way!

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