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Thank you very much for Steph and Steve for a very enjoyable morning yesterday. I attended the Complete Photography Experience and learnt so much. I now feel in control of my camera and ready to take some exciting pictures. Would definitely recommend!

Karen - DSLR Photography for Beginners

Just completed a half day photography course, Steph was brilliant. I have had my DSLR for a while but never got off the presets. I had my doubts as to how much I would learn in 4 hours, but this far exceeded my expectations. I am off presets and having fun trying out all sorts of settings to get the photos I have been wanting to take. So much to put into practice. I highly recommend this course to anyone with a DSLR who wants to learn how to take better photos. Thank you Steph x

Kathie - DSLR Photography for Beginners

I recently finished the summers photography 3 week course! I am so happy I chose this course with summer, not only is she a great & easy to listen to, she’s also a lovely upbeat lady! I feel so much more confident and I look forward to going on more of her courses in the near future! Thankyou so much ! X

Chelsie - DSLR Photography for Beginners

I thought the course was awesome, can’t believe we packed so much into 4 hours. I’ve signed up for the portrait session now too. Brilliant, would really recommend.

Ann - DSLR Photography for Beginners

I attended the ‘Beginner’s DSLR’ course yesterday and can’t recommend it highly enough. A really relaxed atmosphere and fantastic course content that had us all taking great photos on ‘manual’ by the end of the day!!
Stephanie is very knowledgeable, passionate and patient happily taking the time to make sure we were all comfortable with each stage before moving on.
The location at Easthampstead Park also couldn’t have been better – beautiful building with photo opportunities everywhere.
Sam - DSLR Photography for Beginners

Steph is both passionate and knowledgeable about photography and I feel much more confident about using my camera in manual and semi-automatic modes now. A really great and informative workshop delivered in a friendly and fun way…

Simon - DSLR Photography for Beginners

My husband and I run a unique, luxury & exclusive restaurant dining experience. We wanted some images to help tell our story.
And WOW! Steph managed to capture every element of our service and the story flows so much better now. The quality of the images now reflect our brand to the T!
Steph did an exceptional job on our branding photoshoot. And we would highly recommend her. She is definitely worth every penny!
My husband then went on to do Summers Photography phone course, one week later which has absolutely transformed the way we too take pictures. The tips on lighting, composure and general photography hacks have really helped keep the consistency of our new brand representation. Feel free to visit our Instagram page to see the transformation over time. DaChisRestaurant2u
Thanks again Steph, without your help we woudl still be taking mediocre pictures.
– Chido at Dachi’s Restaurant to You
Chido - Smartphone for Businesses

I’ve recently come back from the first weekend retreat in Beer. I had the best time! It was the first time I’d met Steph, Steve and Thor and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was amazing, a perfect, picturesque setting (even with the rain!) and workshops in a relaxed, gorgeous location. I didn’t even know I had the settings I found on my camera! I totally enjoyed the weekend and missed my camera the minute I got back and had to get on with ‘normal’ life. I totally loved it and would highly recommend the courses, Steph has a wealth of knowledge, a great teaching style and eye for making every detail perfect.

Vickie - Photography Retreat Devon

I booked onto one of Stephanie’s sources to learn how to actually use my digital SLR; in the end I had a 1 to 1, 2 hour, session with Stephanie and learnt loads about my camera and how to use it. Stephanie was very patient with my lack of talent and even entrusted one of her professional lenses to me during the course; I am now playing around with the camera and its functions and I think getting better shots. I would recommend Stephanie’s courses and will be booking another one once I have the first lessons learnt well and truly under my belt.

Philip - Photography Coaching

Wow what a fantastic day meeting Stephanie and other business women all coming together to learn how to use there smartphone to take those all Important photos to promote your business.
It was an amazing day and I learnt so much not just about photography but branding and also being consistent with your content.
Would highly recommend this to anyone who is starting a business or just needs a refresh.
Great day out thank you so much Stephanie.
– Debbie from Woodland Scents
Debbie - Smartphone for Businesses

I attended Steph’s complete photography course yesterday, it was amazing I learnt so much about my camera and left automatic behind. I would recommend Summers Photography (I have already signed up for my next course) to everyone.

Angie - DSLR Photography for Beginners

Awesome. Now I have confidence!

James - DSLR Photography for Beginners

I was booked to do a one day beginners course with Steph, unfortunately this was postponed due to the lockdown. However Steph set up a zoom meeting and 6 of us did the course virtually! I was very unsure about this, but it worked brilliantly. Steph was clear, patient, very friendly and it all worked so well. I really enjoyed the 4 hours and achieved so much more than I thought I would. I now really do feel confident enough to take my camera off automatic and actually take control of how my photos look! I am so excited to get out (just in my garden for now obliviously), and start practicing. Thank you Steph, I can’t wait to start really enjoying my camera

Francesca - DSLR Photography for Beginners

What a joy Steph is to work with. I design and craft silver and gemstone jewellery and needed to understand how to progress my product photography. I wanted the photos to imply a scene, a story and to describe the piece completely. I signed up for a short photography challenge and subsequently purchased a photography course. I found Steph generous with her knowledge and her time and I now have a greater understanding of how to use props, how to use my iphone, the importance of natural lighting and most significantly, the importance of branding. The result ? I am generating a brand, constructing and implying stories and photographing my pieces instead of the props. I could not be happier and it is with great pleasure that I recommend Steph and Summers photography to you.

Trudy - Capture My Brand Membership

I have been doing a course with Steph for the past year called “Capture my brand”. I really wanted to learn how I could capture better photos of the products I sell, to help grow my business. What can I say.., my sales have tripled. It has been amazing and has been a complete game changer. Steph has truly taught me a lot in this time. She motivates, inspires and knows her stuff! I have also met some lovely people along the way. Highly recommend Steph if you want to grow your business at a very reasonable price. 😊

Carrie - Capture My Brand Membership

I simply couldn’t work out how to make my product photos better and so decided to step out of my comfort zone to join Stephanie’s Capture Your Brand online group. Each month we tackle a new photographic topic and with well explained tutorials, endless invaluable tips and tailored support I’ve been able to make immeasurable improvements to my photography to help best showcase stock. On top of that we are consistently learning from other members within the group and their photographs. I’m so proud of what I have been able to achieve already and couldn’t recommend Stephanie’s photography courses more highly for other small business owners. Cheryl W

Cheryl - Capture My Brand Membership

The Teen Photography workshop was beautifully pitched to keep the girls engaged and teach them new skills despite horrible weather. Istagrammable photos with their phones – teen perfect!

Joanne - Teen Photo Sessions

Great friendly tuition, would recommend. Great environment to work from too.

Gary - DSLR for Beginners

A few weeks ok we went on Steph’s Smartphone photography course which was absolutely fab. From learning about the different angles and light that our photos look best in to flat lays and props – great course – fabulous teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience
Lauren - Smartphone for Businesses

Ive just attended a smartphone photography course with Stephanie and was totally blown away! Stephanie was so patient and explained everything so well and gave me the courage to enable me to feel at ease when taking photos for my businesses. Her support and encouragement helped me so much and also to look at things in a totally different way. I could go on there’s so much to say about how good the course was. Thank you Stephanie I would recommend anyone to sign up to a course in a heartbeat.

Donna - Smartphone for Businesses

I have invested in a 1-2-1, branding shoot, smartphone workshop and most recently the Capture Your Brand Membership. Stephanie at Summers Photography is a delight to work with, makes everything so easy to understand and it’s fun too. As a small business I cannot afford regular professional photo shoots, but with what I’ve learned and continue to learn, my product photos are more than I could have ever hoped for. Thank you Summers Photography x.

Karen - Various Courses and Shoots

I have done two courses with Steph now. The last one was the editing course. This was over four weeks and was pitched perfectly. I can’t believe how much I learnt in just four sessions! Steph is fabulous and puts you at ease and answers any questions and her knowledge is phenomenal!! Thank you so much for all your help x

Sarah Louise - Editing for Beginners

Attended the ‘Editing course for beginners’ with a bare minimum of knowledge and not quite sure what to expect. Steph covered an enormous range of free and paid for editing products and was beyond patient with her explanations and practical demonstrations ( and rescues where necessary!). By the end of the four weeks I was able to use Lightroom reasonably competently and also managed to use Photoshop to improve a very special family photo. Have been able to improve so many images since – not necessarily changing the actual content but just enhancing what’s already there. I had been concerned that I would find it too technical but can only thank Steph for making everything as simple as possible. Would recommend this course for anyone, although a bit of basic PC file handling knowledge will help.

Liz - Editing for Beginners and various others

This is going to be a bumper review, for three Summers Photography services! Firstly, I’ve been a member of Steph’s brand photography membership and the knowledge and feedback she shared is incredibly useful. I’ve used lots of her tips, not only for my product-based social media clients, but also my own services business. If you want to improve your business photography, I highly recommend Capture Your Brand. Secondly, I was lucky to win a branding photo shoot with Steph, and I’m so pleased with the results! I was feeling a bit self conscious after some lockdown weight gain, but Steph helped me feel comfortable, happy and the shots she got were perfect – a mix of lifestyle portrait shots and stock images I could use on Instagram. The onboarding process was flawless and I really felt like she got to know my business and exactly what I needed. Finally, the photography backgrounds! These are absolutely brilliant if you want to create lots of beautiful shots for your business but don’t always feel confident about layouts. They look so realistic, and they’re such high quality. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Steph again, she’s a pro (and utterly lovely too).

Emma - Various Courses and Shoots

Still buzzing after a wonderful weekend photography retreat with Stephanie and Steve in Devon. I was a complete beginner and now feel confident experimenting with the settings on my Canon camera. I took nearly 1000 photos over the weekend, learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed the theory and practical. If you get a chance to go on a course with Summers Photography I would thoroughly recommend it.

Sally - Photography Retreat Devon

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