One of the most often questions I get asked as a wedding photographer is what camera and equipment do I use?  I thought this little blog post about What’s In My Camera Bag? Summers Photography Berkshire Photographer might help with a few questions that you may have on equipment for a professional wedding photographers in Berkshire.

What’s In My Camera Bag?

The Bag (Bags!)

  • Manfrotto Professional 70 Roller Camera Bag – The whole kit fits in the wheelie bag and I know it will remain safe.  It is a saving grace when it comes to protecting my kit and have travelled all over the world with it.   
  • Kelly Moore Steph Bag is one of those bags that looks like a handbag, but has lots of compartments for camera, lenses, memory cards, batteries – the whole lot!  I can go out with one camera and a few lenses with this bag and is ideal for portrait sessions and smaller shoots where I don’t need the whole kit.  I also like it for my names sake!
  • The Tog Bag is a new camera backpack launched in 2017.  It is a great back pack and can hold so much kit, my laptop and has great little compartments all over. We used this to tour California and was the perfect backpack for such an occasion.

The Cameras

  • Canon 5d Mark 4.  After having the Canon 5d Mark 3 for over 3 years, it was time for an upgrade.  We bought the 5d Mark 4’s in December 2017 and we were blown away by the clarity for our first winter wedding that year.  The ISO capabilities was revolutionary, it can take 7 frames per second – confetti shots and aisle shots never be a problem!   It is a great camera and know it will last us years.
  • Canon 5d Mark 3.  We still have the 5d Mark 3’s as back up cameras in case anything happens to the 4’s.  We can never recommend enough having spares and back ups – especially if you are shooting professionally.

The Lenses

  • Canon 24-70mm Mark 2 f2.8.  The work horse of all wedding lenses.  Is great for groups of people, is perfect for night photography, is ideal for ceremony shots – is a fab little lens.  The f2.8 aperture means I get faster shutter speeds due to the amount of light coming through the lens – necessary for darker weddings.
  • Canon 70-200mm Mark 2 f2.8. My favourite lens.  The compression is beautiful and has a fantastic bokeh quality.  Is a beast of a lens, but is a beauty.  We wouldn’t be without it at a wedding day, or any event for that matter.
  • Canon 16-35mm f2.8.  The go to lens for super wide views.  This wide-angle lens is fantastic for room shots and landscape images.  It looks a bit odd on people – so would recommend to stay away – but is great for those static shots.
  • Canon 50mm f1.8.  The Nifty Fifty is a fantastic little lens, the cheapest lens out there at an average of £100, but it will transform your photography.  We love using this on portraits for getting ready, or detail shots. You can purchase the 1.4 and 1.2 aperture version, but for how often we use it, the 1.8 is suitable for our shooting style.
  • Canon Macro 100mm f2.8.  The only lens for detail, up close shots.  Doesn’t get used loads at weddings, but when it does – wow!

The Accessories

  • Canon Batteries x 6.  When it is cold, camera batteries deplete quicker. If you use live view, the battery will go quicker.  If you have your camera on for a 10 hour wedding and you are shooting all day, your camera battery will last hopefully for the day.  It is so important to have back up batteries all fully charged and ready to go.
  • Memory Cards CF x 12.  We have 8 16GB and 4 32GB memory cards.  The reason we have relatively smaller cards (compared to a 64GB or 128GB card) is that we like to spread the whole day over different cards.  So the getting ready at a wedding will be on one card, ceremony on another, groups on another etc.  This minimises risk to any issues with memory cards and is safer spread across a series of cards.
  • Memory Cards SD x 6.  The beauty of professional cameras, is the ability to shoot on two separate cards in your camera.  The Canon 5d Mark 3 and 4 comes with dual slots, meaning you can put your RAW files on the Compact Flash card and your JPEG images as a back up on the SD.  So convenient and one less thing to worry about if something happens to a card.
  • Pixel Pocket Rocket Memory Card Holder.  This little wizard is attached to our belts or camera bags on us all day.  It conveniently holds the memory cards that we require for the day and is on our person – no one can get to them.
  • Various Accessories.  As well as the kit bag, we also take an accessories and “bits and bobs” bag!  That is for another blog – comment if you would like to see our must have miscellaneous bits!

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I hope you enjoyed reading our blog What’s In My Camera Bag? Summers Photography Berkshire Photographer and feel free to leave any comments!