Running and growing a business isn’t easy, especially when you have other businesses from your industry to compete with. So, what could possibly help you shine brighter than the rest in the market? We’d say eye-catching product photography is one effective way to make your mark when promoting your brand! And when it comes to creating a buzz for your brand in the market, several factors count – one of them being designing the right visual image that goes with your brand. Therefore, the colour scheme of your product and the way it blends with the background play a strong role in conveying the mood and emotion you choose to depict through your brand. Because how potential clients perceive your brand will largely depend on the emotion and vibe they associate your brand with.

That’s where photography backgrounds come into the picture. When photographed against backgrounds that blend with the rest of your brand identity and product catalogue, your products have a chance to create an excellent brand reputation and allow you to market them to your target audience in a visually pleasing way. The more your product backgrounds blend with your business aesthetics, brand image, and colour scheme, the more are your chances of reaping the benefits from this marketing technique. A fitting photography background will also work for your service-based business. The only difference would be that instead of products, you’ll use relevant props against a perfect photography background to put across your message. But the question is – how to know which photography background will be suitable for your business when there are so many available out there. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Follow our tips to choose the right photography background and give your business the consistent look and feel it deserves.

How To Choose The Right Photography Background

  1. If you have a baby product business, a sewing business, or if you are a florist or a makeup artist, you can use our Floral Spring photography background for its pinks, blues, and pastel hues. These colours would go well with such businesses and will help you bring out the desired subtlety and softness in your brand images. You can use the background as a base on a table, keep it mounted to achieve a different style and look in your pictures, or use it for your product flat-lays.
  2. For an ecology-focussed firm, a refill company, a beauty or a therapy brand, our Spring Green photography background would be the perfect fit! Its light and dark greens, rustic vibes, and natural look with a few classic white flowers would help you convey eco-friendliness and your vision for a green world more effectively. Guess what! You can also use this as your Zoom background when pitching your ideas to investors or while addressing company employees online.
  3. If you are in a clothing business or own a boutique, have a jewellery brand, or are in the food and sweets industry, you can use our Pinks & Greys photography background for its white and pink marble appearance and elegance. This background will give a classy look to your images, which you can also share on your social media besides your business website.
  4. For a graphic designer, a personal trainer, a coach, or a similar service business, our Lifestyled photography background would be ideal. You can use it for its day-to-day lifestyle setups, from a coffee on a workbench to a desk setup. The beauty of this one and our other backgrounds is that you can use them outdoors, inside your office or studio, or even at your home.

We also have Greens and Blues, Winter Warmer, Winter Sparkle, Traditional Christmas, Autumn Coziness and many more photography backgrounds for you to choose from. Each of them is unique and can help you create differently styled images for your business. You can explore all our photography backgrounds here and select as many as you want for your business while keeping your brand aesthetics in mind.

Summers Photography At Your Service!

At Summers Photography, we want to help small businesses excel, and our photography backgrounds allow us to do just that. They not only give a consistent look to business images but also add a personality to them. They help business owners create attention-grabbing images easily and quickly. And supporting our clients in their business growth makes us super happy!

Besides providing photography backgrounds, we also offer product photography and personal brand photography to businesses. So, if you are looking forward to giving your brand a fresh look or revamping your marketing imagery, you can contact us! We promise to provide you with stunning business photos and a great photography experience. To learn more about personal brand photography, you can email us. For stories, photographer experiences and session tips, you can read our blogs. To check out the images we’ve created and get updates, you can connect with us on Facebook.